WP10: Future Magnets (MAG)

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The main aim of this EuCARD-2 WP is the development of a first High Temperature Superconductor (HTS) Magnet for High-Energy-Physics Collider, i.e. a magnet that has all requirements to constitute the high field insert of a 20 T dipole magnet for a High Energy-LHC (HE-LHC).

  • Organise the test of the coil in facility to test it at very high field (> 15 T) after the completion of the Eucard2 program
  • Explore conductor concepts suitable for HTS materials and identify the most promising alternatives (Bi-2212 and YBCO)
  • Define the range of main parameters for the10 kA class cable for the 20 T dipole and give inputs for
    recommendation on most promising material
  • Explore magnet concept suitable for HTS cable and ribbon based conductors providing magnetic field of accelerator quality in view of the 20 T HE-LHC dipole
  • Design and manufacture an accelerator like prototype magnet using YBCO tape based conductor and having an operating current of at least 5 kA.
  • Modify the LASA test facility to suit the needs of the dipole
  • Install the magnet in the test station, performing all the cryogenic and electrical connections


  1. Coordination and Communication
  2. 10kA-20T class superconductor development
  3. 5 T HTS Dipole Magnet Design and Construction
  4. HTS Magnet Stand Alone Test 

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