WP11: Collimator Materials for fast High Density Energy Deposition (COMA-HDED)

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The new EuCARD-2 JRA aims at fully validating novel materials for the next generation of collimators and possibly finding better compounds. The target parameters are those of HL-LHC operation, although the extreme collimators based on the new materials could also provide effective and compact solutions for the FAIR project and for the proton drivers of future neutrino facilities.

  • Review novel composite materials for usage in accelerators.
  • Perform experimental tests on material robustness after highly energetic beam impact or under high temperature stresses and measure properties.
  • Model and theoretically characterize new materials and composites for collimation, and provide parameters for stress analysis.
  • Simulate the potential of new collimator materials like silicon carbide and metal-diamond compounds for collimation of hadron beams and iterate on material specifications to address the needs of future accelerator developments.


  1. Coordination and Communication
  2. Material testing for fast energy density deposition and high irradiation doses
  3. Material mechanical modelling
  4. Material specification

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