WP12: Innovative Radio Frequency (RF) Technologies

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The common overriding goal for this JRA is to exceed the present limitations in gradient, efficiency and performance of existing accelerator systems, by bringing together for the very first time, experts in normal and superconducting Radio-Frequency accelerating technologies, with the fundamental intention for instilling cross-fertilisation between different working experiences, based on the same technology. For superconducting RF cavities, today’s frontier applications are FEL linacs (i.e. XFEL) and linear colliders for high energy physics (ILC); operating gradients of 40 MV/m have been demonstrated at the FLASH FEL.

  • Investigate improving the performance of Nb coatings
  • Develop new superconductors, both Nb3Sn and multilayer
  • Develop main linac accelerating structures with wakefield monitors
  • Prepare hardware for high-gradient CERN-klystron tests; CTF3 and FACET (SLAC) beam tests
  • Measure HOMs of the XFEL 3rd harmonic RF cryomodule
  • Simulate and analyse HOM radiation in coupled cavities to facilitate remote diagnostic of beam and cavity
  • Evaluate Pb photocathode deposition for improved performance of SRF guns
  • Characterise and optimise performance of Diamond Amplifier Cathode solutions for SRF guns


  1. Coordination and Communication
  2. Thin films
  3. Normal Conducting High Gradient Cavities
  4. SRF HOM Beam Diagnostics
  5. RF photocathodes

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