WP4: Accelerator Applications (AccApplic)

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The AccApplic network tries to fill a gap that has been observed in the accelerator area. While research laboratories concentrate on physics, basic or applied, for which they are financed, Universities are more interested in applications but often lack the operational experience and the technical background of large Laboratories. The progress that this network promotes consists in combining the interests of Universities with the competences of accelerator Laboratories to learn about existing applications, identify the potential for new ones, define a roadmap towards more extended accelerator applications, and initiate appropriate actions at a European scale.

  • Catalogue the existing applications of low energy proton, ion and electron accelerators, the technology used to accelerate the beams and the requirements for these applications.
  • Study and record the applications of proton and ion accelerators in the range 10 MeV to 1 GeV and the types of accelerators used.
  • Determine the requirements for high power accelerator applications, in particular for Accelerator Driven Systems (ADS).


  1. Coordination and Communication
  2. Low energy accelerators
  3. Intermediate energy proton and ion accelerators
  4. High beam power proton and ion accelerators
  5. High beam power targets

The EuCARD-2 Networks share a common platform for information exchange and collaboration, the EuCAN Coordination of Accelerator Networks.

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