WP7: Novel Accelerators (EuroNNAc2)


The EuroNNAc2 network is built on a recognized European competence in the field of novel and emerging accelerator technologies, albeit penalised by an excessive fragmentation between small competing teams. The progress this network is aiming at is bringing this community together and define collectively a roadmap having as a goal to go “from acceleration to accelerators”, i.e. to define the design of a common and fully operationable accelerator facility.

  • Define scientific goals for various possible applications of plasma acceleration
  • Define a coherent European research and test program
  • Define an optimal strategy towards operational advanced accelerators
  • Promote technology transfer and collaboration with industry and help in training of experts


  1. Coordination and Communication
  2. Scientific goals and programme
  3. Organisation, strategy and funding
  4. Communication, training and technology transfer

The EuCARD-2 Networks share a common platform for information exchange and collaboration, the EuCAN Coordination of Accelerator Networks.

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