The goal of the new EuCARD-2 project is to build upon, consolidate and extend the broad collaboration started by the two Integrating Activities: CARE in FP6 and EuCARD in FP7.

"After more than four years, the EuCARD project for accelerator R&D has ended with most of its ambitious objectives fulfilled, including new ones added during its lifetime." CERN Courier, January/February 2014

About EuCARD 

The EuCARD (European Coordination for Accelerator Research & Development) project was prepared under the auspices of ESGARD (European Steering Group for Research and Technical Development on Particle Accelerators) with the aim to improve the performance of the European accelerator infrastructure.

EuCARD was organized around three main activities:

  1. Networking
  2. Transnational access
  3. Joint research 

What are the main results of EuCARD?

  • Successful collaboration between EuCARD participants and international partners
  • Synergies with other related accelerator projects (TIARA, HiLumi LHC, EUROnu, CRISP), leading to the development of a newsletter for the accelerator community, Accelerating News.
  • Development of world-class infrastructures: the upgrade of world-class level accelerators (e.g.: LHC, DAΦNE electron-positron collider, MICE) and test facilities (e.g. CLIC)

A scientific booklet summarizing the results of the project is coming soon. 

Exploitable foregrounds

Some key results

More information can be found in the EuCARD Final Report

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