WP9: HiRadMat@SPS and MagNet@CERN

Description of infrastructures

  1. HiRadMat@SPS

    HiRadMat is a facility at CERN-SPS, designed to provide high-intensity pulsed beams to an irradiation area where material samples as well as accelerator component assemblies can be tested. The intensity of the fast (single turn) extracted beam with a momentum of 440 GeV/c per charge can be varied up to a few times 1013 protons or a few times 109 ions (Lead, Argon ...) per pulse (beam parameters).

    CERN operates the accelerator complex including with the SPS and the HiRadMat facility. This includes the general infrastructure, support to the users for preparation and installation of the experiments, and the beam operation during the experiments. Former experiments and documents for application are listed in this overview.

    Contact and more information on how to apply.

  2. MagNet@CERN

    SM18 is a unique facility at CERN for testing magnets and instrumentation at very low temperature (lowest being 1.9 K) and up to high currents (20 kA). It is equipped with 10 benches for testing superconducting magnets in horizontal or vertical position.

    CERN will offer infrastructure or equipment and expert support to carry out: tests for instrumentation and superconducting magnets in vertical or horizontal test benches, magnetic measurements of all types of accelerator magnets.

    More information on conditions and how to apply

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